Laboratory filter / gas / for liquids Polygard®-CR Merck Millipore

Laboratory filter / gas / for liquids Polygard®-CR Merck Millipore

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These cost effective Cartridge Filters from Polygard®-CR are designed to remove particles in liquids and gases. They are capable of maximum filtration because of their graded-density depth construction of Polygard-CR filter media. They are composed of polypropylene, enabling extractable levels to be low and chemical compatibility to be high. Polygard-CR cartridge filters allow passing through of materials with minimum possible differential pressure. These hardy, sturdy and resilient cartridges are made to combat various steam-in-place cycles. These cartridge filters in graded density polypropylene media are used widespread in beverage industry for liquid and gas filtration processes to safeguard tighter filters. Regulatory Compliance Polygard-CR filters are outlined made and produced maintaining a quality management system granted by an accredited registering body to an ISO® 9000 quality systems Standard and are coupled with a certificate of quality. Every cartridge filter is backed by a validated guide for compliance with regulatory needs. In order to track and identify every filter easily, each filter is labeled with an identifying feature to distinguish the different filters separately.
  • Domain:laboratory
  • Type:gas , for liquids
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