Hand-held particle counter APC ErgoTouch Merck Millipore

Hand-held particle counter APC ErgoTouch Merck Millipore
APC ErgoTouch

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A handheld airborne particle counter that punches above its weigh Overview The APC Ergo Touch is the smallest and lightest of our handheld airborne particle counters. This ergonomically designed instrument weighs only 580 grams (1.3 lb), is easy to operate via its intuitive keypad menu and has many features that are available only on higher-priced particle counters. Particle counting is one of the critical components of environmental monitoring programs. Detecting contaminants in the air, particle counter data is relied on to determine the cleanliness of air in controlled environments such as those found in the sensitive food industries, complies to ISO 14644, GMP, FS209E. The APC ErgoTouch offers features which are available usually only on portable particle counters. It is equipped with a monochrome display to show the counts results over 3 channels, and functions are easy to operate by tactile keys icons. Accessories for the APC ErgoTouch A significant range of accessories is available for the lightweight APC Ergo Touch Handheld Particle Counter. These include tools for compressed gas monitoring, qualification and validation documents, as well as parts for electricity supply.
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