Disposable laboratory bioreactor 200 L | Mobius® CellReady Merck Millipore

Disposable laboratory bioreactor 200 L | Mobius® CellReady Merck Millipore
200 L | Mobius® CellReady

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Mobius CellReady Bioreactor Systems is an active member of the Single Use Bioreactor family. This apparatus is available from 3 L bench scale up to 200 L. this devise expands its branches through the Mobius CellReady 50 L and 200 L Bioreactor which provides single-use along with the latest stirred tank bioreactor which is developed in order to process development, pilot and clinical scale mammalian cell culture applications. The focus of these single-use Bioreactors are mainly on the quicker turnaround, enhanced flexibility and minimum validation than the conventional stainless steel (SS) systems. The stirred tank design of the CellReady platform depends on the traditional SS bioreactor systems to permit easier transfer from SS to single use. The hardware, used in this device is modular and designed ergonomically. Therefore it enables to offer a spontaneous and ergonomic operator interface which enhances the workflow. The control cart, which is available in full size or pact, provides enough convenience to inaugurate the automation platform. With Finesse automation, it is available as a turnkey system or as a modular system with control platform.
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