Laboratory filter / for liquids POLYGARD-CT Merck Millipore

Laboratory filter / for liquids POLYGARD-CT Merck Millipore

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The standard density matrix of the Polygard®-CT cartridge filters enable the media with the two definite pore size cutoffs which is to be wrapped in to 1 cartridge. The dirt holding capacity is enhanced whilst bearing the very low differential pressures, providing a long service life to the product. This product is made with the melt blown 100 percent virgin polypropylene in order to provide a large chemical compatibility. The filters are pressure fluctuation resistant without showing the media migration or contaminant unloading. The Polygard- CT filters are made in a plant whose Quality Management System has been approved by an accredited registering organization to the ISO® 9000 Quality Systems Standard. This product is a flexible filters which is built for a broad range of liquid primary clarification applications. Its uses are: facilities; water pre-treatment along with a primary clarification for the soft drinks, beverages and most effluents.
  • Domain:laboratory
  • Type:for liquids
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