Oxygen hood infant Ginevri

Oxygen hood infant Ginevri

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Head Boxes is normally utilized with a heated nebulizer/humidifier to maintain suitable humidity and temperature. Ginevris oxyhood is a controlled environment chamber for administering accurate, consistent oxygen concentration to infants. Convenient angled inlet is tapered to get all large bore tubing. Lift off top permits instant approach to infants head with minimum disruption of oxygen environment. Neck opening fits close enough to retain O2 concentrations, yet leaving sufficient space around the infants neck to permit CO2 displacement and provide a safety factor in case of oxygen delivery system failure. Ginevris hood comes in distinct sizes. High oxygen concentration can be speedily obtained using hoods. No seal or plastic film around the infants neck is needed to maintain high O2 concentrations. Tests show that O2 concentrations over 97% are achieved in 4 minutes with hood in a 40% oxygen environment. Oxygen concentration is controlled by adjusting rate of flow.
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