Bilirubin meter One Beam Ginevri

Bilirubin meter One Beam Ginevri
One Beam

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One beam is a compact device which is used easily and provides outstanding precision. The perfect information on the level of bilirubin is provided by the device and the provides exact support and help to the doctors. The rapid analysis of photo-metric of total bilirubin in serum is allowed by the product by using the capillary tube as optical cell. By the photo-metric measurement of wavelength at 455nm and 575nm the concentration of the bilirubin can be determined. The information on bilirubin quantity is provided by the first wave length. Presence of hae-moglobin is indicated by the second wavelength which interferes the perfect measurement of the level of bilirubin. By the algorithmic mathematical calculation, the product is capable to remove the interference factor of haemoglobin which allows the product to give perfect results of the level of bilirubin concentration in the blood.
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