Electronic baby scale / platform 10 kg | Billa Ginevri

Electronic baby scale / platform 10 kg | Billa Ginevri
10 kg | Billa

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It is quick and flexible. It is also compact and combines one-gram accuracy featuring a weight capacity of 10 kg plus a wide and comfortable weighing platform. Billa microprocessor based enables fast and easy weighing. Operation is also error-free with the use of soft keys. It simultaneously provides baby's weight monitoring, tare calculation, detection in weight changes, and lock and memory. Its accuracy is higher than ± 2 grams. The microprocessor computes the information obtained from the 2 very sensitive load cells and gives a repeatable and remarkable weight reading, which makes it more accurate than standard weighing systems. The platform also fits any Infant Warmer tray or incubator. It has a low profile that gives access to the care team even via incubator ports. The light-weight and handheld unit is available with free-standing support, making it easy to position the scale on a flat surface. These features make the Billa the most accurate and flexible scale available on the market.
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