Infant transport incubator Baby Shuttle Ginevri

Infant transport incubator Baby Shuttle Ginevri
Baby Shuttle

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Baby Shuttle is the desired parameters values are place through soft touch sealed keys arranged in an intuitive and error free pattern. The baby shuttle is microprocessor driven, it controls all the parameters needed to obtain the optimal microclimate for the premature baby in any environmental condition. The Baby Shuttle transport incubator is appareled with the Smooth Tilt bed positioning system which consents the continuous and smooth arrangement of the posture bed. This opening system, permit the maximum operability into the space patient even if the functional height of the means of transport is limited. The hood grants the maximum strength and a thermal insulation and is also crushproof. Data are displayed on colour LED or LCD screen. The main module of the Baby Shuttle incubator temp module thermo-regulates the temperature in the air mode with proportional heating, controls the battery charging and the incubator's safety systems.
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