Infant mattress / warming Aquatherm Ginevri

Infant mattress / warming Aquatherm Ginevri

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Aquatherm is a medical device intended for providing an extra heating source optimum control of patient’s temperature in any critical situation. It comes with thermo driver and thermo pad. Thermo driver controls and monitors the heater output of the Pad to set up and maintain the temperature at pre-set values. Its comprehensive range of controls and alarms make it a safe and reliable device and also user-friendly. Thermo Pad is developed using Aquagel technology which offer a pressure relieving surface next to the baby, reduction of vibration and storage allowing it to maintain the temperature even when the unit is disconnected or in case of internal movement of the patient. A soft fire-retarding foam-rubber mattress reduces temperature dispersion below mattress deck. Thermo Pad has a foil shaped heating element developed to provide secure and uniform distribution of heating on the mattress.
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