Electronic humidifier / warming SCH 1000 Plus Ginevri

Electronic humidifier / warming SCH 1000 Plus Ginevri
SCH 1000 Plus

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The SCH1000 PLUS humidifier is especially structured for the humidification and thermo- regulation of the gases utilized in the ventilation circuit and their associations at the time of neonatal and pediatric care. The device has been intended to offer maximized humidity for invasive, non invasive ventilation and oxygen therapy. Thermo-regulation proscribed by the microprocessor is acquired by servo-controlled comparative heating system and the stage of the comparative heating functional is seen on a 5 level LED scale. Comparative heating permits the ventilation circuit to be kept at a preferred steady temperature, sovereign of the dimensions of that circuit. On the top of that it provides suitable temperature and humidity levels for neonatal patients manually, convenient set up with simple controls and an easy readable display, superior alarm system, Membrane keyboard offers customization of the airway temperature and relative humidity values and available around the world.
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