Infant warmer Antares Ginevri

Infant warmer Antares Ginevri

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The product is an Antares Warming Lamp which is fixed overhead. The device is designed to provide treatment to the newborns who are suffering from hyperthermia on neonatal treatment tables, changing units and beds. A control unit of electronic microprocessor is provided to manage both the illumination system of halogen lamp and the radiant heater which are provided with the device. Radiant quartz tube of 350W is provided in the heating system that gives infrared emissions and it can be used in automatic or manual modes. In the manual mode the heating quantity has to set by the operator. The sound of the acoustic alarm ensures the safety features in manual mode. The selection of the desired skin temperature is required by the automatic mode and the operator has to set in a range of 23.0°C to 38.0°C. The servo-control unit is controlled by the sophisticated micro-processor which regulates the level of radiant heat automatically.
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