Linen trolley / 4-bag LBCQ Conf Industries

Linen trolley / 4-bag LBCQ Conf Industries

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The LCBQ model is suitable for the transport of bags. It has a tight rigid strong base that is made of plastic ABS. It also has perimetral edge for the containment of possible spillages of liquids out of the bag. The ring bag-holder is made out of nylon loaded glass with integrated rubber gasket. The bag can be refolded facility on the rubber and it covers completely the inside and the outside of the ring for protection during the work to maintain cleanliness. The blocking systems guarantees the fixing and prevents the sliding of the bag during the use. The rubber is injected on the ring support and creates a unique and compact structure. This avoids interstices where dirt can nest and facilitates the cleaning and disinfecting operations.
  • Number of bags:4-bag
  • Use:linen
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