Linen trolley AXLBC1 Conf Industries

Linen trolley AXLBC1 Conf Industries

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AXLBC1 has a base realized with one whole perimetral ring and bent on the angles; on the like angles, there are settled 4 vertical pipes on whose superior extremity is grafted the bag hold ring. General characteristics secure structure in stainless steel tubular AISI 304 , completely and opportunely settled with TIG procedure, to avoid infiltrations and/or deposit of dirt guaranteeing an perfect hygiene. The blocking system, besides guaranteeing the fixing, prevents also the sliding of the bag during the use. The bag can be refolded with extreme facility on the rubber, covering completely the inside and the outside of the ring protection it, so that during the work the rubber is not going to be dirty or to be notch. Ring bag holder in nylon loaded glass with integrated rubber gasket.
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