Basket shelving unit Conf Industries

Basket shelving unit Conf Industries
Conf Industries

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Unit is suitable for storage of ISONORM 600 x 400 containers both in PC and / or ABS there are different heights (50/100/200) along with a DIN 600 X 300 steri-racks. The unit is made from anodized alloys that have a light profile. The composition of the viritical side uppercuts comes with a vertical interasse of 68 mm. This improves the positioning as of shelf supports and/ or container guides. The standard dimension is 2 for the vertical uppercut X 600. The deposit and removal of the container on the side is 400 mm. Container side that caters to deposit and removal is 600 mm. The distance set connects the vertical uppercut. It creates the formtion that you like along with the desired length. this is done based on he various modules and necessity.
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