Linen trolley / 4-bag LBC4 Conf Industries

Linen trolley / 4-bag LBC4 Conf Industries

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Model LBC4 tight rigid and strong plastic ABS base with perimetral edge is suitable for transport of n. 1 bag for containing potential liquid spills out of the bag. The ring bag holds has integrated rubber gasket and the bag is capable of refolding on the rubber, which will completely cover the inside/outside of the ring that protects it, so during use the rubber won’t become dirty. The blocking system stops the bag from sliding during use and guarantees it stays in place. The rubber is warm when it is injected into the supporting ring, which provides compact, unique structure that avoids interstices where dirt might sit. The base is a rigid anchor with 2 stainless steel vertical tubes AISI 304 (1.3401).
  • Number of bags:4-bag
  • Use:linen
Via Casaglia 44/A,
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