Trolley 410 SERIES Conf Industries

Trolley 410 SERIES Conf Industries

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General characteristics Trolley in standard versions at 3 – 4 – 5 places. Completely closed on three sides, open at the back side, for the removal of the containers. Plastic lids, realised in different forms and colour, they are differentiated in base of the waste typology. Suitable to contain plastic containers 60 lt, our Mod. RM60. ( article not inclusive). N. 4 rubber antimark swivel wheels, 2 of them with brake, diam. 75 mm. Antimark PVC bumper disks one the 4 corners. 410DR General characteristics Realized as the model 410 above described but with back wall completely closed. Equipped with 2 frontal doors in light alloy, for the container removal.
Via Casaglia 44/A,
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