Linen trolley / 4-bag AXLBC4 Conf Industries

Linen trolley / 4-bag AXLBC4 Conf Industries

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The modular structure and its strength make this linen holding cart extremely functional and efficient. Each portion of the structure is fashioned out of stainless steel and perfectly designed to provide maximum support. The design of the trolley is such that it will never accumulate dirt, scratch or grime and hence look clean and neat all the time. The ring bag holder has nylon-loaded glass with rubber gaskets integrated into them. There is a blocking system embedded within the system, so the bag will stay in place. The bag can be folded over the rubber, so it will never be dirty even with constant use. Four strong vertical pipes support the ring holder.
  • Use:linen
  • Number of bags:4-bag
Via Casaglia 44/A,
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