Laboratory freezer / cabinet / ultralow-temperature / 1-door -50... -86 °C | Lexicon® ESCO

Laboratory freezer / cabinet / ultralow-temperature / 1-door -50... -86 °C | Lexicon® ESCO
-50... -86 °C | Lexicon®

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Reliability in performance is very important in scientific research for long-term storage of samples, hence ultra-low temperature freezers (ULT) are often utilized at temperatures of -80°C. Lexicon freezers have been tested by Esco using industry-accepted Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT). Subjected at extreme conditions, Lexicon freezers passed these stress tests since its design is optimized to protect precious samples. When subjected to the strict guidelines (ANSI /ASHRAE 72-2005 and ARI 1200-2006/2008) and testing protocols by a UL validated third party lab - DNS US, the Esco Lexicon ULT Freezer surpassed the performance of 5 major competitors with lower energy consumption, superior cabinet performance (measured by warm-up time), and demonstrated a larger BTU refrigeration reserve capacity. Esco's Lexicon ULT freezers are known for their superior performance, efficient energy consumption and better protection.
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