Hologic Launches 3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology, Powered by Genius AI™, in Europe

3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology, Powered by Genius AI™
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Innovation can help address screening backlog due to COVID-19 pandemic by streamlining breast imaging reading process

Hologic, Inc today announced the commercial availability in Europe of its 3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology, Powered by Genius AI™. The innovation was designed to help improve mammography efficiency and workflow, which is critical as clinics strive to manage the backlog of women whose routine breast screening was delayed due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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The 3DQuorum technology uses Genius AI-powered analytics to reconstruct high-resolution 3D data to produce 6mm “SmartSlices.” These analytics identify clinically relevant regions of interest and preserve important features during reconstruction of the SmartSlices.1,2 SmartSlices expedite read time by reducing the number of images for radiologists to review, without compromising image quality, sensitivity or accuracy.1,2 With 3DQuorum technology, the number of 3D images to review is reduced by two-thirds, saving an average of one hour per eight hours of daily image interpretation time.1,2,3

“As we continue to operate in this new landscape, radiologists are facing the dual challenge of a serious backlog of women who need routine breast screening as well as a screening process that is lengthier due to COVID-19 protection measures,” said Jan Verstreken, Hologic's Group President, International. “The more efficient workflow of 3DQuorum, is urgently necessary to help radiologists meet this challenge. This solution is a strong example of how Hologic continues to streamline workflow for radiologists by improving the reading experience without sacrificing accuracy or quality of work – a balance that our customers have come to expect.”

In addition to the implications associated with the COVID-19 virus, radiologists are facing a growing need for improved workflow efficiency as digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) becomes the gold standard for screening in Europe. Recently, the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (EBIC) guidelines on breast cancer screening and diagnosis recommended for the first time the use of either DBT or digital mammography in screening. However, DBT creates an influx of large file sizes and images that can lengthen the image reading process for radiologists. This creates a need for solutions like 3DQuorum technology to help streamline workflow where possible.

More information on 3DQuorum technology can be found here and by visiting www.3dimensionsmammography.eu/3dquorum.


Tech File: TFL-00059
Report: CSR-00116
3 Physician Labeling: MAN-06153

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Published on : Mon, 26 Oct 2020

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