Accelerate Detection With The 3DQuorum™, The Ultimate Breast Tomosynthesis Technology

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Hologic is pleased to introduce 3DQuorum Imaging Technology to the Breast Health Continuum of Care.

Designed to provide radiologists with fewer, thicker tomosynthesis slices to review, 3DQuorum uses Genius AI™- powered analytics to reconstruct high-resolution 3D mammography data to produce 6mm SmartSlices, with 70-micron pixel resolution.

Each high-resolution SmartSlice overlaps the previous one by 3mm, ensuring there is no loss of 3D image data and continuity in scrolling.¹⁻² Further to this, during the creation of SmartSlices, Genius AI identifies clinically relevant regions of interest and preserves important features.

3DQuorum represents our highest resolution 3D™ Imaging, faster

Compared to 1mm tomosynthesis slices, SmartSlices reduce the number of images to review by two thirds, giving an average time-saving of one hour per day in image interpretation time.¹⁻²*


1. Hologic Data on File Technical report File: TFL-00059 

2. Hologic Data on File Clinical Report: CSR-00116

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Published on : Fri, 30 Oct 2020

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