continues to provide up-to-date coverage of COVID-19 and its impact on radiology practice and diagnostic imaging. Here are some of our top stories so far:


How is the Pandemic Affecting Radiology Practice?

An overview of how the Radiology Department at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona handled the

COVID-19 pandemic and how this disease will change the way radiology is practiced.


Diagnostic Imaging in the age of COVID-19

In a disease surrounded by unknowns, COVID-19 is changing radiology teams’ everyday life.


U.S. Radiology Responds to the Pandemic and Looks Ahead

U.S. radiologists have been significantly negatively impacted by the pandemic but valuable

lessons have been learned.


Grading COVID-19 Severity with CT: CAD and AI

A radiologist working with COVID-19 patients in Russia looks at how technology has aided

imaging-based diagnosis and what this could mean for future practice in grading disease severity.


Ultrasound in Times of COVID-19

An overview of the potential utility of ultrasound modalities in the COVID-19 patient and the

hype surrounding Lung Ultrasound (LUS).


COVID-19 in Private Practice: How to Cope with It?

A radiologist in France’s private healthcare sector describes the experience of his clinic and

comments on limitations of the system revealed when COVID-19 hit hard.


COVID-19 - Present and Future Effect on Radiologist Training?

The effects of COVID-19 have been manifold but one of the areas which has seen destabilising

implications is the training of radiologists.


Conducting Research in the COVID-19 Era

Under pressure in the age of COVID-19, David Koff stresses that researchers need to maintain

high standards for their offerings to have value to the medical world.


Pulmonary Pathobiology of COVID-19

New findings show that vascular angiogenesis distinguished the pulmonary pathobiology of

COVID-19 from that of several influenza virus infection.


Mobile X-rays Valuable for COVID-19 Patients

Mobile x-rays can provide adequate image quality for diagnosing pneumonia in severely ill

COVID-19 patients and may detect serious complications like pneumothorax or lung cavitation,

as well as estimate the evolution of pneumonia.


Role of Radiologists in Combating COVID-19

Reported imaging features in COVID-19 are variable and non-specific. Chest imaging is

recommended during acute phase as well as for follow-up in recovering patients.


Infection Control Against COVID-19 in Radiology Departments

During the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple cases of transmission in radiology department have

been reported. How can infection control be improved and what prevention practices can be

implemented in radiology departments?


COVID-19: Opportunity to Reduce Low-Value Practices in Oncology

COVID-19 has reduced the flow of patients to cancer centres and hospitals and there is reduced

surveillance imaging and other tests. Could this new normal eliminate low-value treatments in

oncology beyond the pandemic period?


Impact of COVID-19 on Inpatient Imaging Utilisation

Findings from a new study show that there has been a decline in inpatient imaging volume

during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Moral Injury: The Invisible Epidemic

There is a surge of trauma, grief and moral injury during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Healthcare workers are dealing with death and misery. What is the impact of this misery on their own health?


Imaging features in COVID-19 - Experience from Wuhan

CT imaging of COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, China show peripheral, middle and lower, and

posterior distribution.


Imaging in Neurological Disease of Hospitalised COVID-19 Patients

A study was conducted to systematically characterise neurological symptoms and neuroimaging

features in COVID-19 patients.


Educating Radiology Trainees Remotely in the COVID-19 Era

Has physical distancing created new stressors for academic radiology educators, and does it have the potential to compromise the experience of side-by-side training of trainees? A new review evaluates.


Value of Diagnostic Tests in World of COVID-19

COVID-19 has resulted in a new and unexpected world bringing up some new questions. When

to test? Whom to test? How often to test? How to interpret test results? How should we adapt to this new medium?


Benefits of Imaging Exams Access Through Patient Portal

If patients are able to use an online portal to access their imaging exams, this may have major

benefits for patients’ quality of life and help reduce overall costs for both users and hospitals.



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