Agfa HealthCare unites with forward-thinking CIOs, imaging informatics specialists, and technology developers to embrace “document + image EHRs” as the gold standard in healthcare IT and patient information management

Agfa HealthCare’s “gold standard” ICIS enterprise imaging platform to be featured in numerous SIIM 2014 educational sessions and roundtable discussions - AHUG 2014 and SIIM 2014 Hackathon to provide bookends for Agfa HealthCare’s SIIM 2014 thought leadership and branding initiative

Advancing its leadership position in the “Evolution of Visual Healthcare,” Agfa HealthCare is teaming with SIIM 2014 to manage and participate in multiple educational and team-building events at the conference to showcase the value of enterprise imaging technologies, including ICIS, and the vast potential of a fully integrated, “document + image” electronic health record (EHR).

Beginning with its pre-SIIM user group conference – AHUG 2014 – and culminating with the sponsorship of the SIIM 2014 Hackathon, Agfa HealthCare will play a central role uniting the forward-thinking CIOs, imaging informatics specialists and technology developers at the conference behind a shared vision that a well-conceived enterprise imaging strategy is critical for advancing collaboration among clinicians within a hospital and promoting greater operational efficiencies and cost savings throughout an entire health system.

“Momentum is clearly building behind the ‘Evolution of Visual Healthcare,’ not only as a theme for 2014, but also a true strategic imperative for hospitals and health systems that recognise the need for more efficient and secure medical image management,” said Michael Green, President & CEO, Agfa HealthCare Americas. “As an HIT innovator, Agfa HealthCare welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded visionaries during SIIM 2014 to advance strategies and technologies that enable cross-department and enterprise access to medical images, including digital images of wounds, surgery, ophthalmology and dermatology. Doing so, Agfa HealthCare is able to remain at the forefront of innovation that empowers health systems to deliver quality patient care and improve procedure and cost efficiencies.”

Central to Agfa HealthCare’s enterprise imaging mission is ICIS, the company’s “gold standard” technology platform for image-enabling the EHR. ICIS unifies patient records by integrating and linking multi-facility, multi-departmental and multi-specialty imaging data, providing all clinicians within a health system the ability to capture, store, access and exchange images at any point of care.

The value that an ICIS-empowered, image-enabled EHR brings to a health system will be the foundation of the SIIM 2014 Closing General Session, “Enterprise Imaging - Strategy and Fundamentals to Build Your Program.” Cheryl Petersilge, MD, MBA, Medical Director, MyPractice Imaging, Cleveland Clinic, Louis M. Lannum, Director, Enterprise Imaging, Cleveland Clinic, and Kimberly Garriott, Programming Director, Enterprise Imaging Consultant, Cleveland Clinic, will discuss how one of the world’s leading healthcare organisations is revolutionising the way that clinical images are made useful throughout the system to improve patient care.

“SIIM 2014 is an ideal event for demonstrating Agfa HealthCare’s industry leadership and the numerous benefits that ICIS offers within enterprise imaging and across the broader healthcare landscape given the conference’s ability to attract healthcare IT innovators,” stated Lenny J. Reznik, Director, Enterprise Imaging and Information Solutions, Agfa HealthCare North America. “As ICIS becomes the ‘gold standard’ for enterprise medical imaging, Agfa HealthCare will continue to seek opportunities to extend our expertise and our broader vision the value of Visual Healthcare in advancing quality care.”

9 May 2014

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