In the UK the incidence numbers are going down, which is a relief to see and to feel. I was pretty down at the beginning of 2021 and hope seemed far away. Four weeks down the line, and I am happier again.


I can see what the huge vaccination programme (over 13% of the U.K. population has been vaccinated) has brought us so far, in combination with the so-called national lockdown. Even when some people still walk around in groups thinking they don’t have to follow the rules (and, thankfully, they are not the majority), I again have hope that we will overcome this all.

Since the weekend I am asking myself, what will happen after COVID-19? OR – will there be a life without COVID-19 one day? OR – will COVID-19 become a part of our world? I think, it will turn out like it was with influenza. As there is no life without the flu, there will be no life without COVID-19. COVID-19 is now a disease of our lives – unless Armageddon happens soon and we all be done anyway.


COVID-19 will be in some ways ‘embraced’ (even if we don’t want this!) by us. We will learn more and more about this virus disease, of how we have to act and how to live with it. This whole issue of COVID-19 is still in its baby shoes. The next few years will show us what we need to improve in our healthcare systems, in our professional lives to deal with the disease in a more effective way. Having the vaccinations now is one big step forward, but will that be enough?

Having the vaccinations now is one big step forward, but will that be enough?


We cannot be certain of how long it will take to bring COVID-19 under control globally, as we all can see how access to new drugs varies across continents. Again, I am asking myself – where is WHO here, and the UN? How can this happen that Europe, for example, is in a better position than Asia or even Africa?


COVID-19 will teach us all something, which will be larger than anything we can imagine now. To nurse in a pandemic outbreak, to lose our loved ones to this horrible illness, to declare bankruptcy due to pandemic-caused economic troubles – all these are bigger than the universe.


It will take time to reflect here, but we need the time. Otherwise this disease will continue to rule our lives and nobody wants this happening.


I cannot wait to see my family and friends in Germany and Wales, hopefully soon. A hug will never be taken for granted again nor a kiss.


I will take my time, too – to see where I am standing now as a nurse, almost 12 months into this chapter, life-changing for all of us.


May time be the new force.


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