Nurse’s View: “How Are You, Nurse?”

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If somebody had asked me this question, “How are you, nurse?” 6-8 weeks ago, I would have probably cried. The situation in Great Britain was pretty tough, worse than in March-April 2020, when the whole crisis of COVID-19 started for us in the UK! I guess no other European country had to go through that bushfire we have to go through with the two mutations on top, leave alone with our first and second wave of the pandemic.


BUT, thankfully, due to the amazing vaccination programme and the lockdown implementation, we are now going rapidly down with the incidence numbers on a daily basis. To know this is like it’s Christmas for me almost every day. Therefore, I can answer my question of how I am with: “I am good. Much better! Thanks for asking”.

I have never ever been so at my nursing limits during my 27 years of being a nurse, like the last 12 months.


I have never ever been so at my nursing limits during my 27 years of being a nurse, like the last 12 months. And it feels pretty damn good to say now: “Yes, I am good, I am fine. We will make it!” And believe those words!


The British government released the schedule for the forthcoming month two weeks ago, of what we can expect to be able to return to ‘normality’. I think all healthcare professionals are aware that the time will never be the same as before COVID-19. Too much has happened here in nursing, midwifery, paramedic medicine – too many colleagues died and too many colleagues got infected while on duty, including me. How can one return to the past without a train of thoughts and emotions?


Nevertheless, what we all have gone through here in Europe and the rest of the world during the last 15 months is hard to comprehend, and it will take time like I said in my February article. Time to re-evaluate my practice, my skills, my knowledge and also my status of being a nurse in a modern society.


But yes, I am good, and yes, we will get there! There is a light at the end of the tunnel called COVID-19, and it feels awesome!

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Published on : Thu, 11 Mar 2021

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