Nurse’s View: Looking Back at Last 12 Months

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Hello, my dear readers,

Time flies, and here we are – in April 2021.


The last few weeks have been quite emotional because I started to review what has happened over the last 12-13 months, that is between March 2020 – April 2021.


I have only so much space to write down my thoughts here, but Jesus – we would need LIVES to comprehend this all.


In my March article I wrote how happy I was then due to the vaccination programme in the UK, which works and our incidence numbers going now rapidly down. It is a feeling of lightness after carrying the heaviness for months and months. It feels pretty damn good and hopefully this feeling will last.


But with this kind of happiness there are also the thoughts of questioning. What has happened to our profession over the last 12 months?

I took the opportunity to write another open letter. Why another? In April 2020 I wrote my first open later to make a lot of people aware that we (healthcare professionals worldwide) don’t have enough PPE, and because of this huge problem I got infected of COVID-19.


12 months down the line, has it really changed for us?


  • Well, we have PPE now, which is good! Thank you!
  • Some colleagues in some countries got some (little) money as a thank you – a bonus payment – to keep them quite (I guess).
  • Many, however, are still fighting and want to have much, much more from their governments, you could dream of.


I am not speaking necessarily about money but yes, thank you – that would help, too. It is not that we have a salary of a banker, or a pilot, or a lawyer. And by the way – why not? Why do these professions earn ten times more than we do (leave alone football players!)?


I am speaking about more nurses, more midwives, more doctors on the wards, in the practices. Make the studies more attractive through government funding, establish nursing councils, implement more standards, organise unions, which will speak up for their nurses, and so on.


We all could see during the last 12 months which profession was needed the most and had to cope with highly infected patients.


It is US, healthcare professionals!


We saved the societies and our politicians, but who is looking after us?


My second open letter will give you an insight of my thoughts and I hope you will agree with me.


Please support us nurses, us midwives, us carers, us doctors, us paramedics, us physiotherapists and many more great healthcare professionals. Without us the societies will be lost in the next bush fire of a pandemic!


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Published on : Mon, 19 Apr 2021

nursesview Nurse’s View: Looking Back at Last 12 Months

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