Andra Tutto Bene = Everything will be all right!

Andra Tutto Bene = Everything will be all right!
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Hello my dear readers,


Before I hit the road to Bonnie Scotland, where I will spend my holidays this year, I will share my thoughts with you.


I saw a great series on TV last week, which made me think.


It was about the beautiful Albert & Victoria museum in London. The museum curators prepared to open their doors again after lockdown, which was just epic to see.


One of the exhibition sections for 2021 will be the message of hope, and still after COVID-19 hits the world!


Italian children started to create beautiful pictures and banners when they had to go into lockdown. Their message was: “Andra Tutto Bene,” which translates to “Everything will be all right.”


I was really, really touched when I saw those beautiful rainbow banners from Italy, because in the UK, we still have the rainbow here, too, with “Thank you” messages to the NHS and nurses, midwives and other great healthcare professionals as well as other great key-workers.


When we all saw the tragic pictures from Italy on the TVs in February 2020 and March 2020, I think I could not have believed what I was seeing. But soon, those pictures came to us – on to the island – to Great Britain. The Tsunami hit Italy first, and the whole country was upside down. That was the beginning of a challenging historic pandemic, which is still going on. And in some parts of the world relentlessly.


Andra Tutto Bene – those words went straight into my heart. I could feel a warmth, which was almost extraordinary.


Yes, COVID-19 is still our biggest challenge in healthcare setting at the moment, and it will continue! But if we all look back and realise how far we have come during the last 12 months, this is also incredible. What a massive milestone have we achieved. Andra Tutto Bene!


As I said in my previous articles, I do hope that Africa, Asia and South America will also feel very soon that COVID-19 can be under control due to the vaccination programmes, which need to be ruled out.


Maybe some readers might think that Andra Tutto Bene will gloss over the deaths and tragic situations caused by this awful virus, but believe me, my dear readers, I will never gloss and trivialise COVID-19 – as I was holding too many hands and being with too many dying patients during lockdown on the wards.


But personally, I have to believe that everything will be all right, otherwise of how could I perform on the wards in a professional manner?


And as I said, in the UK we are on the way of Andra Tutto Bene, even when the incidence numbers are still high, but we will manage it. We have to!


Solidarity came up in the UK during the COVID waves as I have never experienced amongst the society before. The same felt like Italy. A solidarity that holds together- through thick and thin.


I cannot help it, but those very strong Italian words will never be out of my memory now because they were created in exceptional life circumstances, which we all never forget.


Many thanks, my dear readers, for taking your time for me.


And don’t forget: ANDRA TUTTO BENE!


Warm regards,



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Published on : Mon, 27 Sep 2021

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COVID-19, COVID-19 lockdowns, AndraTutto Bene before I will hit the road to Bonnie Scotland, where I will spend my holidays of this year, I will share my thoughts with you.

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