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2021 09 Apr

In February 2020, news started filtering slowly through the media about a fast-spreading virus in China. Within a month it hit South Africa, and the President Cyril Ramaphosa and his team had the unenviable task to warn and educate all citizens about the impending virus. Their initial addresses to the nation was of doom and gloom and instant lockdown...Read more

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2021 07 Jun

The Lockdown May End, But Nursing Will Continue My dear readers it is time again for my monthly update: It has been two weeks now since we have some semblance of our lives back in the United Kingdom. Well, almost. All shops, cinemas, theatres, and concert halls are open. Also the UK has reopened for tourism, meaning people are allowed to enter...Read more

Executive Health Management


2021 27 Sep

Hello my dear readers,   Before I hit the road to Bonnie Scotland, where I will spend my holidays this year, I will share my thoughts with you.   I saw a great series on TV last week, which made me think.   It was about the beautiful Albert & Victoria museum in London. The museum curators prepared to open their doors again after lockdown, which...Read more

Cardiology Management


2021 29 Sep

New research shows men and women demonstrated typical and cliché-sounding behavioural patterns during the COVID-19 lockdown in spring 2020. The findings are published in Scientific Reports and are based on mobile phone data from 1.2 million Austrians.  Among some of the typical and expected behavioural patterns, the researchers observed that women...Read more