HealthManagement, Volume 20 - Issue 1, 2020

In 10 years, the healthcare system will be a different beast. The power of technology and data will change the way we face the current challenges driving us towards more integrated care based on population health and value, with increased patient engagement.

This all means the old healthcare provision paradigm is crumbling. Not that hospitals will not be there, but they will be reimagined. Like Mark Twain once said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Reimagining what a hospital is requires the broadest reconsideration of what a hospital’s functions are and where health systems will stand in the future. How do we introduce systemic changes? How do we embrace innovation and make it sustainable? Our ‘Reimagined Hospitals’ issue provides valuable insights on these and other issues.

Our IT Editor-in-Chief Prof. Christian Lovis explains how harnessing technology may make overhauling the entire system unnecessary while Adam Gale from KLAS gives his forecast on what healthcare may look like in 10 years. Christopher Shaw ‘reimagines a hospital’ from a design and architecture perspective. Chris McCahan from the IFC urges us to rethink the entire healthcare value chain. How AI is challenging the role of a radiologist is provided by Stephen Baker and the emerging need for ‘superspecialists’ is highlighted by Marcel Levi. The success of Finland, a world leader in tech integration and data leverage, is described by Sirpa Arvonen, head of the state-wide Digital Health Village. We also cover the role of FAMGA in shaking up the traditional model of healthcare and a panel of healthcare experts, which includes hospitalist Robert Wachter, provide their opinions regarding the most transformational change in healthcare in the next decade.

We ‘Spotlight’ optimism in the imaging community on AI in radiology following RSNA 2019. In Winning Practices, a care provider speaks about innovation and change in executive management in healthcare. We also look at the urgent need to adopt a culture of safety for zero preventable deaths, a quality approach to data with four governance pillars and streamlining radiology workflow in imaging departments. The works of an innovative platform Plan Adapta, launched in Spain, is also in focus alongside the outcomes of a project aimed at promoting nurse health.

We hope this journal will provide food for thought. As always, we welcome your news and views.

Happy Reading!