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Reinforce AI Conference 2022

2022 08 Mar

Workshop day:  March 8 Conference days:  March 9-10 Find Reinforce on Social Media   Read more

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AGFA HealthCare - Winners of eAward 2021

2021 04 Nov

The winners of the eAward 2021 have been announced. The first place in the category of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence was taken by   VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH  and  Agfa HealthCare  for their joint project "Interpretive Artificial Intelligence strengthens trust in computer-aided diagnoses." ... Read more

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Ensuring Safety and Efficacy in Adaptive AIs for Radiology

2021 04 Oct

A recent article, published 30 September in the Journal of the American College of Radiology , explored post-regulatory pharmacovigilance issues associated with radiological practice AIs and strategies for choosing ideal solutions.   AI algorithms in clinical use are increasing. The US FDA has cleared over 100 commercially available AI algorithms... Read more

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AI System Achieves Radiologist Accuracy in Detecting Breast Cancer from Ultrasound

2021 30 Sep

On 24 September in  Nature Communications , NYU and NYU Abu Dhabi researchers reported developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system with radiologist-level accuracy for identifying breast cancer in ultrasound.  Ultrasound is a critical tool used along with mammography for breast cancer screening, detection, and characterization. Compared to... Read more

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Assessing Surgical Skills with AI

2021 12 Mar

A new study describes a three-stage machine-learning approach to automated surgical skill assessment in laparoscopic cholecystectomy videos .   You might also like: L eading experts including Jorge Juan Fernández (EIT Health), John Halamka (Mayo Clinic) and medical futurist Bertalan Meskó discussed the opportunities and challenges of... Read more

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2021 Forbes CIO Summit Series – Episode 3

2021 20 May

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NLP+EHR: Automatic Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions

2021 07 Mar

A group of Spanish researchers present the results of their work on applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques for electronic health record analysis and specific data extraction.   You might also like: A vendor-neutral, open-source, natural language approach of EHR data is suggested by a team of U.K. researchers, to help... Read more

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Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit 2021

2021 05 Apr

Hybrid Event DUBAI UAE Find LetstalkB2B On Social Media Read more

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Machine Learning in Dermatology: Algorithm Versus Doctor

2021 12 Feb

How does artificial intelligence perform in diagnostics of skin melanoma and compare with a dermatologist’ assessment?   You might also like: Deep Mining for Determining Cancer Biomarkers   A team of researchers from the University of Gothenburg has trained an ML algorithm to identify the risk of metastasis in skin melanoma and evaluated... Read more

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DL vs. ML in Biomedical Research

2021 14 Jan

Deep learning models are more efficient at discerning patterns and discriminative features in brain imaging than standard machine learning models, a new study shows ( Abrol A et al. 2021) .   You might also like: Radiomics in the Imaging of Brain Gliomas: Current Role and Future Perspectives   Researchers at the Center... Read more