Healthcare is becoming more and more successful, allowing us to endure into an unprecedented old age. At the same time, in developed countries, the fertility rate is lowering. These two phenomena have led to what international organisations have been saying for years: the population is getting older. Now, the question of the ageing population is no longer a theoretical scenario earmarked for the future; we


About 1000 breast Imaging professionals are meeting this October for the EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting in Budapest. Congress organiser, Gabor Forrai spoke to HealthManagement.org about what’s in store and the organisation’s ambitions for the future. What are some of the key challenges in the field of breast imaging and how will these be addressed at the EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting being held i

David Hancock, the healthcare executive advisor at InterSystems, was recently elected vendor co-chair of INTEROPen, a UK collaboration that promotes open standards for interoperability in the health and care sector. HealthManagement.org spoke to David about why he wants INTEROPen to be vendor-led and how this approach will help both suppliers and the health and care ecosystem. What is INTEROPen, and w


Driving Toward the Goals of the Quadruple Aim Innovation comes in many forms and for many reasons. It can spur positive change or can extend beyond “change” to “disruption” of an industry. It can be a metamorphosis, or simply an alteration to an existing process. It can be designed to make jobs easier, achieve better results, or increase connectivity. Whatever the reason, innovation yields positi

Over the past century, thanks in large part to advances in science, technology and medicine, the average human life expectancy has more than doubled. The pharmaceutical industry has played an important role in these advances by translating basic scientific insights into tangible solutions, and thus has delivered significant value to society in the form of years of life and quality of life. If you look at

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices. But while we believe in striving forward with successful technologies, at the same time, we recognise the need to look at existing processes first and identifying how hospitals can synchronise and standardise these processes. The goal is optimisation so that we can generate high-quality, consistent data, and help hospit

An overview of Affidea’s journey embedding digital tools across its network to orchestrate patient care and improve patient experience. It was the airline industry which proved 60 years ago that through digitisation, airports could become more efficient and safer. Airports introduced the air traffic control technology which allowed them to swiftly transition from scheduling few hundreds of flights a day

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The date is set (we think!) - on October 31st the United Kingdom is to leave the European Union (EU). Since the 2016 referendum on membership of the EU bloc, when 51.9% of British voters opted for an exit from the European Union, the Brexit negotiations have been erratic and dramatic with no resolution about the form the exit will take. Trade deals, immigration and the impact on the UK and bloc-wide economy

Summary: Erin Sullivan introduces Xavier Corbella, physician turned CEO, to discuss his leadership journey and implementing change within the health system. Introduction I had the good fortune of being introduced to Dr. Corbella in early 2016 while visiting Barcelona to understand Spain’s approach to primary care delivery. Our initial meeting evolved into a very successful collaboration in creating

Summary: The VBHC Green Belt Blended Learning programme gives medical specialists the tools to maximise patient value and deliver effective care. Dr. Max Curfs has been working as a clinical embryologist at the Isala Fertility Centre since 1995. He holds a PhD in Natural Sciences and before working at Isala he researched the embryology of neuroanatomical pathways. He became enthusiastic when first comin

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Summary: In a world of changing healthcare ideals, all that is required is a change in our mindset. Transformation is accelerating in healthcare, and this is particularly true with regards to healthcare in Singapore. It has been ranked the longest for life expectancy at birth (Global Burden of Disease Study 2017) as well as second for healthcare efficiency (Bloomberg’s Healthcare Efficiency Index 2018).

Summary: The EAHM Innovation Award 2019 honoured posters for four healthcare projects that are challenging the status quo and innovating in logistics, healing and tech leverage around Europe. Read on for the run down on the winning initiatives. Logistics, Innovation and Technology The challenge for the EOC group was multi-faceted; operating two hospitals with a total of 320 beds in the city of Lugano, tr

Summary: The 28th Congress of the European Association for Hospital Managers took place on 11 - 14 September 2019, where themes combined innovation and healthcare strategies, focusing on what this means for hospital management. Speaking during the Official Inauguration, Pedro Facon gave insights into what he thinks innovative healthcare means to the healthcare industry. The congress is all about the strat

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Summary: With a rapidly growing older population, effective care for ageing patients will require healthcare stakeholders to collaborate in managing the whole health of these patients. Throughout the world, but especially in Europe and Northern America, the population is ageing at an alarming rate. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs estimates that by 2050, older persons (aged 60

Summary: The publication of the European Commission Strategy for Artificial Intelligence in April 2018 kicked-off a heated debate on healthcare tech. AGE Platform Europe joined the discussion with Europe’s senior population at the forefront of their agenda. Promising Outcomes, Threatening Systems Artificial intelligence has become a key research area in many fields in Europe: be it machine learning alg

Summary: At the turn of the twenty-first century, our understanding of the biology of ageing has fundamentally changed thanks to major preclinical breakthroughs, which revived age-old aspirations for eternal youth. However, how close are we, in reality, to achieving this in humans? Background Nowadays, the average human lifespan exceeds 80 years in many countries around the globe, compared to 30 year

Summary: Ageism can be defined as stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination towards people because of their age. An authority on ageism in healthcare highlights the challenges and opportunities in the sector. How serious/prevalent is the problem of ageism within healthcare and where do you think this stems from? I don’t think that the problem of ageism is pervasive only in healthcare, but in each and

Summary: The intriguing finding of longevity among the Ikaria inhabitants was the impetus to perform an epidemiological study. Motivated by the IKARIA study, proposed measures of approaching the goal of longevity through delay of cardiovascular ageing will be discussed in this article. From the ancient years up until the contemporary societies, the achievement of a long and healthy life has always bee

Summary: Frail older people are often burdened with a range of complex medical conditions that leave them more susceptible to illness. The FrailSafe system aims to resolve this by offering a method that can predict, detect and manage frailty earlier on. Frailty is a clinical syndrome manifested with progressive deterioration in more than one physiological systems and is associated with weakness, instabili

An overview of ageing and its impact on healthcare.

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A visionary radiologist explains how the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics is bringing imaging and informatics together for best practices and patient outcomes. What is the mission of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EuSoMII)? Today, everything is related to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. This is a really hot topic and stakeholders are lookin

Summary: As the world enters further into the transformative power of technology, Stephen Baker questions how this information revolution, in particular, AI will affect the capabilities available to industry experts. Many fields of knowledge, dependent on technology, can experience abrupt, massive growth as new techniques and novel forms of organisation come on stream and become incorporated within th

Despite underlying physiological differences and a different set of risk factors, diagnosis, management, and treatment strategies for hypertension do not account for sex and gender variances. Evidence-based guidelines for hypertension treatment from clinical trials are similar between males and females; however, most of these trials do not include any risk stratification of sex and gender (Wenger et al. 2

Summary: Groundbreaking study at the University at Buffalo uses brain stimulation to assess how large-scale patterns of brain activity could vary between cognitive systems and across people. Our research at the University at Buffalo explores brain activity and its association with cognitive systems. Each cognitive system consists of a network of brain regions that are linked to different functions. We use

Summary: A presentation of a case study in light of the updated ESC guidelines on lipid control and new guidelines on diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Several new guidelines were released at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress in Paris, France. These included updated guidelines on lipid control and new guidelines on diabetes and cardiovascular disease. As per the updated guidelines

Summary: In which areas can theatre departments instigate change for improved performance? Theatres are at the heart of delivering quality outcomes for patients by performing life-changing and life-saving operations. That makes maximising the use of this vital and expensive resource essential for hospitals’ efforts to meet quality, operational and financial targets. Nationally, theatre performance

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(I expert, I question, I answer) Have you got something to say? Visit https://healthmanagement.org/blog/index or contact [email protected] Sabesan Sithamparanathan Founder and CEO at PervasID, UK TOP QUOTE FROM THE BLOG ‘Three Ways Next Generation RFID Can Transform the Healthcare Sector’ “The ability to track medical equipment with far more accuracy and in almost real-time, eradic

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