• Panagiota Pietri

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    Cardiologist / Director of Hypertension Unit Athens Medical Center Greece

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  • Dr. Panagiota Pietri

    COVID-19 Pandemic: Health, Social and Economic Consequences

    • 20/10/2021

    The spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2, originating from Wuhan, China  two years ago, has brought dramatic changes in global health systems, leading to thousands of deaths worldwide, jeopardising the treatment of patients with chronic diseases and pushing societies to psychological breakdown. If economic ‘dyspragia’ is added, the mixture of the COVID-19 pandemic becomes explosive....

  • Dr. Panagiota Pietri

    Secrets of Longevity The IKARIA Study

    • 02/10/2019

    Summary: The intriguing finding of longevity among the Ikaria inhabitants was the impetus to perform an epidemiological study. Motivated by the IKARIA study, proposed measures of approaching the goal of longevity through delay of cardiovascular ageing will be discussed in this article. From the ancient years up until the contemporary societies, the achievement of a long and...


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