Gaumard Scientific traces its history to 1946 when its founder, a World War II trauma physician, recognized how polymers used in reconstructive and battlefield surgery could be used to create simulators for health care education. The first product was a synthetic human skeleton. In 1949, Gaumard introduced a childbirth simulator, designed at the request of the international health community, to improve the clinical competence of village midwives to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.

Over the past half century, Gaumard has dedicated its resources to the continued development of innovative teaching simulators in nursing care, emergency care and OB/GYN. During the 1990´s we introduced interactivity and computer integrated manikins for adult, pediatric and neonatal advanced life support. In 1999 we introduced five NOELLE™ simulators as part of a worldwide initiative to promote “safe motherhood”.

In 2004, Gaumard introduced the first of a family of “tetherless” simulators, which by 2007 included HAL®, NOELLE™, and the newborn and pediatric Hal® simulators. All five are controlled wirelessly, providing true “care in motion”. The philosophy of the founder was to provide innovative teaching simulators at an affordable price. We remain true to this philosophy today.