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Bridging the Gap

As a leader in medical imaging technology since 1982, AMPRONIX delivers customer-centric solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your medical environment. AMPRONIX bridges the gap in products and services available to the industry with a full spectrum of imaging peripherals available for the medical community worldwide.


Building A Trusted Business

There’s more to building a successful third party medical equipment business than simply offering products at a reasonable price. Irvine, CA-based AMPRONIX, a registered ISO 9001:2008 company, knows firsthand that building a business that supports the evolving needs of the healthcare community has to be based on service. The value of reliable support, and accurate solutions provided at a consistent value is key to fostering relationships that last far beyond that initial transaction.


34 Years And Counting

Getting there takes experience, and after 34 years, AMPRONIX has it. The company, whose foundation was established as a high-end service organization, learned through hands-on experience which products were of high quality and value, and which were a bad investment. The knowledge and experience that came from repairing so many products from different original equipment manufacturers ultimately led AMPRONIX customers to push for the addition of a sales department. When the company became involved in equipment sales, it became clear that its high service volume and longstanding relationships with original equipment manufacturers would allow for substantial price discounts on the sales side.


ISO and ESD Certified

AMPRONIX INC. has been recognized by TÜV America with independent third party certification for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 simultaneously.

Certified by TÜV America, the AMPRONIX ISO 9001 certification stands out as a major achievement in recognition of our ongoing dedication to quality. TÜV is highly respected and known for its incredibly high standards, and this independent third party certification is an extremely high achievement. ISO 9001 is a generic system standard that specifies, in very broad terms, the necessary components of a quality management system. Rather than being specific to any one industry, it details the basic requirements of the quality function for all industries. ISO 9001's primary purpose is to provide organizations with useful, internationally recognized models for operating a quality management system. ISO 9001:2008 is the current version of this standard.

Simultaneously, AMPRONIX asked TÜV America to provide an examination and certification for ESD compliance. This ESD certification provides additional quality assurance through its close safeguarding of all of the high-end electronics and technology that passes through the hand of AMPRONIX, whether for sale or service.

Authorized Service Center

As an authorized service center we have HOT-SWAP solutions for CRT's, Printers, and Video Recorders. Also keep in mind that most of our products, including hard-to-find Media can be in your hands the next morning.

As a factory authorized service center, AMPRONIX is able to take displays, recorders and printers and remanufacture them at significant savings to the customer. Additionally, remanufactured equipment comes with a one-year warranty, which in some cases, is more than what was originally offered by the OEM. AMPRONIX can offer these warranties because the company knows what works and what fails, and they go in and repair manufacturer weaknesses during the remanufacturing process. The result is a product that not only meets manufacturer specifications, but also sometimes even exceeds them.


Serving the Medical Community

AMPRONIX was well established when they started to serve the medical community with high value products. The Medical Client base quickly realized that rather than going through two to three layers of sales channels to get the quality product they needed, as well as gaining the associated savings with eliminating so many middlemen, they were able to go directly to AMPRONIX.


Understanding Value

AMPRONIX, through their service expertise, has become very selective in the brands it represents; if it isn’t a good value, AMPRONIX won’t sell it. It has to have quality, reliability, safety, ease of use and integration or installation if it is to be one of AMPRONIX products.

Beyond that, customers also find that partnering with a company that has a longstanding presence in the industry translates into greater warranty satisfaction. After all, a warranty from a start-up company won’t mean a thing if that company closes its doors a year or two later. AMPRONIX customers will also find warranties that often exceed those offered by the OEM—a benefit attributed to experience.


Speed is Critical

AMPRONIX prides itself on offering a broad range of value-added customer service solutions, including the ability to bring modalities back online quickly—a key advantage given that healthcare organizations make large investments in the equipment, both in terms of dollars and patient care, and are relying heavily on that equipment’s ongoing operation.

To meet those needs, AMPRONIX stocks many hard-to-find displays and plug-and-play replacements that can be shipped to the customer for next day morning delivery. When the customer receives the replacement, they then place their broken modality in the box and send it back to AMPRONIX for repair. This “HOT-SWAP” can be a permanent exchange or a loaner while the customer's unit is being remanufactured. The goal is to provide customers with an immediate solution.


Cost-Sensitive Quality

AMPRONIX knows that people are very cost-sensitive and are looking for a good value. It is our privilege to provide them with the information they use to make an informed decision, based on their short and long term needs. Because everyone realizes that there’s a whole lot more that should go into the purchasing decision than just the cost of the display. Considerations have to be made to include a transition into emerging technology, warranties, repair, down time, component life, calibration and print media cost as just a few factors that can significantly impact the bottom line. And of course as many of these components are involved in life-critical decisions, quality is key.


Multi-Brand Solutions

Healthcare facilities are looking to update their imaging technology, yet are concerned about bottoming out their budgets, to have cost-effective options. Unlike many companies that are brand-specific and have a vested interest in pushing an entire product line, AMPRONIX offers multi-brand solutions that enable customers to receive a more customized set of products that best meet their own unique needs and budgetary requirements.

A customer may not need all one brand of products in the configuration as an OEM might suggest. They may actually receive more value for the investment by creating a balance between high end and acceptable. Since AMPRONIX is a mass distributor for many manufacturers, they sit down with the customer and find them the products and balance that will work best for a given need.


Bridging the Gap

Perhaps the greatest savings stem from AMPRONIXs' ability to bridge customers’ existing technology with digital technology—a skill that enables facilities to update their suites and move to a digital PACS solution, while still retaining much of their legacy equipment. AMPRONIX offers flat-screen LCD displays that can work off of analog input, and can be retained and used after a digital conversion is made in the future.

AMPRONIX is able to provide substantial savings on parts by offering quality, refurbished equipment, as well as new. Many facilities have good equipment that is already paid for, so AMPRONIX helps their clients to use bridging technology to tie analog and digital technology together. AMPRONIX recognizes that with the cost of healthcare, it’s important to be sensible and not try to further drive up costs. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware that they have these options.


Dedicated to Technology

While AMPRONIX is committed to helping customers make the most of their current technology, that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have a finger on the pulse of the very latest technology. In fact, AMPRONIX has been staying abreast of industry advancements since its inception—a focus that has helped position the company as a leader in the medical imaging sales and service arena.


Our Guarantee

So if you are looking for the very best, in product, service and value, you have our guarantee that we will provide the very best products, backed by 34 years of expertise and uncompromised service and product support.

All of us at AMPRONIX are here to help you. We are here to help. So give us a call and let us do what we do best - provide easy solutions.


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