LCD display / medical 20.1", 2 MP | Modalixx GC8 Ampronix

LCD display / medical 20.1", 2 MP | Modalixx GC8 Ampronix
20.1", 2 MP | Modalixx GC8

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The Modalixx GC8 is a 20.1" autosync modality LCD display. This color LCD display solution is the perfect solution for medical modality CRT monitor replacement. It is able to autosync with any legacy grayscale or color analog modality. It can also upscale to a vivid 2 megapixel resolution, giving clear and sharp images. The modality LCD display is ideally used in applications such as nuclear medicine, endoscopy/surgical, C-arm, portable X-ray, Cath lab, CT, MRI and RF rooms. The LCD display can accept all combinations of BNC connections, which include D-SUB 15 and single to 5 BNC. The Modalixx GC8 benefits from an easy-to-use and intuitive OSD.

  • Modalixx GC8 Autosync & Upscaling LCD Replacement SolutionAnalog signals converted to high resolution, Accepts any signal from 525 to 1600 lines, High Brightness 300 CD/M², 1200:1 contrast ratio, 8MS (GTG) response time, User-friendly OSD, Low Power consumption
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