LCD display / medical 17.1" | Chromamaxx 17CMIWS1 Ampronix

LCD display / medical 17.1" | Chromamaxx 17CMIWS1 Ampronix
17.1" | Chromamaxx 17CMIWS1

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In response to the evolving needs in the medical profession for improved digital display capabilities, Chromamaxx has produced a line of color flat panel displays. This flat panel display, the Chromamaxx 17CMIW-S1, has been designed to replace existing CRT monitors that are still in use with the Solar 8000 patient monitoring system. The results of the popular Solar 8000 system can now be displayed in the improved digital format. This LCD monitor, with its 17" flat screen is fully compatible with the Solar 8000 and comes equipped with a stand that is mountable on the Datex. The Chromamaxx 17CMIW-S1 features a fast refresh rate coupled with bright easy to read imagery.
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