High-definition display / 3D / LCD / medical Dynamaxx Ampronix

High-definition display / 3D / LCD / medical Dynamaxx Ampronix

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Featuring a lenticular multi view display, the Dynamaxx 3D is embedded with technology that is simply unsurpassed and results in the ultimate 3D experience in full contrast and brightness. The display gives you the opportunity to view without the need to wear special glasses also known as Auto stereoscopic technology. It is ideal for wide angle viewing and can cater to more than one person at the same time also known as multi view. The Dynamaxx 3D display displays both 2D and 3D modes and features a multi functional display. The Dynamaxx 3D display makes it easy to switch between and 2D and 3D modes and is done with a single click right from the panel. Some of the other features of the Dynamaxx 3D display include easy navigation, multi user platform, natural, informative, exciting and entertaining end user experience, full color and off screen projection.
  • Technology:high-definition, LCD, 3D
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