LCD display / medical 15" | Chromamaxx 15CDYS2W 15CDYS2WCH

LCD display / medical 15" | Chromamaxx 15CDYS2W 15CDYS2WCH
15" | Chromamaxx 15CDYS2W 15CDYS2WCH

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The CHROMAMAXX 15CDYS2 belongs to the CHROMAMAXX series of color flat panel displays that are custom tailored to meet the evolving challenges and needs of today's medical profession. It is a new technology that can seamlessly integrate with the existing modalities of today's imaging needs. This product offers a 15" TFT active matrix panel with a 1024 x 768 (SXVGA) resolution.

  • Chromamaxx: UNIVERSAL COLOR LCD DISPLAYSSync-On-Green capabilities, offers a range of compatibility from low frequency to high frequency, covering the wide range of modality signals, direct “plug and play” solution, three different colors: White, Black, and dual tone Ivory and sable bronze finish.
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