Washer-dryer laboratory GEW 677 Getinge Infection Control

Washer-dryer laboratory GEW 677 Getinge Infection Control
GEW 677

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The Getinge GEW 677 washer offers efficient washing and drying for consistent, repeatable results. It comes with a password-protected microprocessor controls with control over all aspects of the wash cycle which allows our clients to optimize the wash cycle to their exact cleaning requirements for reliable, consistent results. With hydraulic design and wash principle identical in principle to the Getinge cGMP line of washers ("P" and "PRO" series), the GEW 677 is the perfect choice for applications requiring superior, validatable cleaning where full cGMP compliance is not required. It carries high capacity in relation to footprint. The validation options include IQ/OQ documentation and execution, conductivity monitoring for cleaning verification. Another good feature is that it is password protected. It offers accurate, repeatable chemical dosing. It comes with attractive ease of operation.
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Ekebergs Vagen, 26
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