Laboratory autoclave Getinge Infection Control

Laboratory autoclave Getinge Infection Control
Getinge Infection Control

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These unique steam sterilizers are developed for dry stoppers with a high-volume system for quality drying. They are made with Getinge’s control system, which is specifically developed for sterilization applications with an easy-to-use interface. Speaking of which, there are two choices of world-leading PLC brands: Allen Bradley and Siemens. These products are in accordance with FDA regulation and in line with current cGMP and GAMP guidelines. They feature an in-line filter sterilization that runs automatically. The piping is made with sanitary stainless steel. Fan-assisted cooling and/or heated air pulsing are optional. Since stoppers are an integral part of the drug administration system and come in direct contact with products, it is essential that they are sterilized and cleaned when used. The Getlinge GE steam sterilizer is available to help with these processes.
  • Application domain:laboratory
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