Laboratory autoclave GEB SERIES Getinge Infection Control

Laboratory autoclave GEB SERIES Getinge Infection Control

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Effective decontamination process that minimizes waste to expensive kill tank systems. Unique gas-tight barrier system (bioseal) available for high-risk labs, with third-party (notified body) certification. Unique door locking system available for sliding doors which maintains door seal integrity without the need for media. Decontamination systems for sanitation of the unit before service or in case of malfunction. Single or dual sterile filter (patented solution) or incinerator as drain barrier. In-line testing of filters available. Static bridge plate for direct floor-loading of racks without manual intervention Wide range of options for adaptation to required BSL level and specific application and BSL. To meet the needs of laboratories and research facilities for sterilization and decontamination, Getinge offers a standardized range of dedicated autoclaves, specially designed for use in BSL 3 and 4 facilities. Chamber sizes range from 0.3 to 17m3 and all models are available with one or two doors. The dedicated Getinge GEB Series is particularly suitable for BSL 3 and 4 facilities and features a hermetic bioseal. Other options include a passive door gasket which does not rely on utilities to maintain door seal integrity, and a validated incinerator for exhaust air sterilization that does not rely on filter membranes.
  • Application domain:laboratory
Ekebergs Vagen, 26
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