Laboratory sterilizer / hot water GEC SERIES Getinge Infection Control

Laboratory sterilizer / hot water GEC SERIES Getinge Infection Control

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It has a closed loop water system that promotes quick cooling and heating. Aside from the product, the water is also sterilized so that no hazard will be presented to the product. It has external heat exchangers that indirectly cool circulating water once sterilization is completed. Temperature is also uniform as water falls from a perforated tray found at the top of the chamber. Furthermore, it has a sectional jacket design that makes it strong and rigid. Defects are eliminated through robotic welding and laser cutting. It has easy-to-open fascia panels made of stainless steel. GMP regulations require parenteral products to be sterilized after packaging. Getinge GEC (water-cascade or circulating-water terminal sterilizers) are made for large volumes of liquid in plastic containers or sealed glass. An entire cycle is completed rapidly to ensure that products are sterile. The cycle is gentle so the shape and integrity of the products are maintained. Different sterilization cycles that provide outstanding versatility. By making use of water that a high-capacity pump recirculates, Getinge GEC terminal sterilizers enable efficient usage and high product output.
  • Application domain:laboratory
  • Sterilization procedure:hot water
Ekebergs Vagen, 26
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