Surgical laser / Er:YAG / Nd:YAG / on trolley Laser Touch General Project

Surgical laser / Er:YAG / Nd:YAG / on trolley Laser Touch General Project
Laser Touch

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Why choose it? Laser brings the utmost benefits and allows treatment of any skin imperfection. Laser Touch, precisely because of the different laser modes it features, is a functional and versatile machine that acts on several fronts: from skin rejuvenation treatments to hair removal, from vascular treatments to pigmented lesions, etc. A complete solution to treat different imperfections and achieve personalised results for each particular problem patients have in a fast and versatile manner. Features and functioning Laser Touch is a multifunction platform including 4 different interchangeable handpieces. The handpiece can be changed with one simple action to obtain a laser with different features able to treat different diseases and imperfections. The following handpieces are available: Er:YAG Laser 2940 nm Er:Glass Laser 1535 nm Long Pulse Nd: YAG 1064 nm Q-S Nd:YAG 1064/532 nm
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