Aesthetic medicine ultrasonic generator Med Contour General Project

Aesthetic medicine ultrasonic generator Med Contour General Project
Med Contour

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MED CONTOUR Why choose it? Med Contour was created to combat localised adiposity and deep cellulite, visibly improving and reducing the silhouette with concrete and measurable results. This machine safely and comfortably acts on the visual manifestation of the problem with great impact and faster than other technologies that treat the same imperfections. In fact, the treatment requires fewer sessions and is precise and more in-depth. Med Contour uses the cross-action of dual low-frequency ultrasound so that the treatment is centered on the portion of tissue affected for a particularly targeted and effective action. The ultrasound action produces rupture of the adipose cells setting off the metabolic processes that will lead to removal of fat waste. To encourage this process, a lymphatic drainage massage is required to remove the liquids. That is why Med Contour comes with a special handpiece that can be used precisely to perform this drainage massage that reactivates lymphatic circulation, a fundamental activity for reabsorption of the fat mass and getting rid of the fats. The immediately visible effect is skin and tissue relaxation thanks to the increase in temperature produced by the ultrasound. The result, added to the noticeable loss of centimetres, is a visible improvement in skin tone and elasticity.
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