Dental laser / surgical / diode / tabletop Smilite General Project

Dental laser / surgical / diode / tabletop Smilite General Project

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Why choose it? Smilite is the General Project solution to get back a brilliant and dazzling smile cancelling out the staining action of substances like tea, coffee and tobacco. The teeth are whitened in just 45 minutes in an absolutely safe and painless way. Features and functioning Compact and effective, Smilite can perfectly uniformly irradiate a vast area thanks to its special ergonomically-shaped illuminator featuring 3 LEDs. Thanks to the new light source with three high intensity light-emitting diodes you can accelerate the whitening properties of the peroxide-based compounds. In fact, blue radiation at 460 nm accelerates the action of the oxidising substances contained in the whitening agent. These substances penetrate the enamel rods and attack stains and discolouring making the teeth whiter and brighter.
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