Compact dermabrasion system Face Up General Project

Compact dermabrasion system Face Up General Project
Face Up

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Why choose it? The new abrader by General Project is a practical and easy-to-use solution for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and peeling treatments. Face-up restores the skin's shine, splendour and compactness. Suitable for all skin types, it guarantees maximum safety and hygiene in reducing even the deepest wrinkles and increasing the skin's thickness. Ideal for peeling treatments, it produces a deep smoothing effect and allows achieving noticeable and satisfactory facial rejuvenation. Features and functioning The new GP abrasor is equipped with an orbital handpiece providing mechanical micropulsation. The microdermabrasion is performed with interchangeable heads coated with silicon carbide. The orbital movement of the head permits to eliminate the epidermal layer also in the smaller areas of the face, making the skin bright and compact. Simultaneously the micropulsations massage the skin and the face muscles, thus stimulating and improving the circulation in the tissues. The synergic action of the two technologies, contained in a single handpiece, triggers the generation of new collagen. Convenient, handy, easy to use, Face-up uses disposable heads with different grain size to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and safety and to match every skin type need.
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