Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley GP-Drain General Project

Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley GP-Drain General Project

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Why choose it? GP Drain is the machine designed and constructed for peristaltic press-massage and venous-lymphatic drainage. It brings the same benefits as lymphatic drainage, a particularly effective method to remove accumulated liquids, relax and tone the skin and muscles and combat cellulite. GP Drain can also act in the abdominal region, producing a stimulating effect on the intestine and causing activation of digestion processes. The result is a visibly reduced abdominal circumference. Features and functioning GP Drain massage is performed using a leg pad with 9 independent sections arranged in a herringbone pattern by means of which the pressure thrust gradually overlaps without leaving gaps during inflation thus eliminating back flow and improving circulation. This method has been designed to gently, continuously and slowly "empty" the limb from bottom to top respecting the activity of the lymphatic system. Thanks to a modern and technologically advanced microprocessor, a handy encoder allows quickly selecting the protocol to be applied by accessing a library with 40 programs to choose from, 100 to store and infinite personalised solutions to create according to the problem you want to treat. Moreover, each section can be set with a different working pressure and the progress of the program selected is shown on an LCD display.
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