Dermabrasion system / on trolley Oxy System General Project

Dermabrasion system / on trolley Oxy System General Project
Oxy System

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Why choose it? Exploiting the beneficial powers of oxygen and the regenerative properties of abrasion, Oxy System allows halting the passing of time combating the unpleasant marks it leaves on our face. The treated skin immediately looks smoother. A performing and functional solution not only against wrinkles and skin spots, but also to fight and eliminate acne or other scars. Oxygen, a vital element for man, gives vitality, glow and tone back to the skin, regenerating it and restoring its lost freshness. Features and functioning Oxygen at high purity degree increases blood supply, improves cellular metabolism and stimulates collagen production by fibroblasts, thus accelerating skin repair processes. Oxy System integrates in the same handpiece a diamond head, which allows the removal of the more superficial epidermis layers and a delivery system of hyperbaric oxygen, which mitigates the epidermis damage caused by abrasion. Changing the head, you can perform a mechanical massage with an elastomeric membrane and also in this case combine the treatment with oxygen emission. Oxy System also has a dedicated dispenser that allows carrying topical substances and active ingredients deep down through the oxygen.
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