Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact Eon One ELITech Group

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact Eon One ELITech Group
Eon One

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The EON One is a semi-automated clinical chemistry system and one of the most advanced available on the market. All test parameters are programmable with the option to load manually or using the USB port. The EON One Manager software guides the user at each stage to minimize errors and improve productivity. It can do colorimetric, turbidimetric, endpoint, and kinetic assays. It offers a modern cost-effective solution ideal for primary, immediate, or back-up needs. The optional dilutor features automated pipette functionality and makes testing quicker and easier. It is possible to aspirate samples and reagents and dispense automatically for better day-to-day workflow. The EON One is compact with a small footprint. It can store up to 400 test methods and 5 test assay panels. It does not require an external computer.The colored touch screen offers easier access. Performance is reliable and consistent with minimal maintenance. Data can be backed up and stored via the USB port.
  • Operation:semi-automatic
  • Configuration:compact
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