Electrolyte analyzer Sweat-Chek™ ELITech Group

Electrolyte analyzer Sweat-Chek™ ELITech Group

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The analytical phase of Sweat Analysis has become simple and cost effective. This is achieved by Sweat-Chek which interfaces perfectly with Macroduct. As it is economic, it is now affordable and is within the reach of small hospitals, local clinics or private practitioners. Larger clinics and hospitals usually use the pad absorption procedure. However that requires them to tie down personnel and resources. The procedure is tedious and error-prone. On the other hand, the Wescor method is simple, safe and accurate. Also, clinicians have always used sweat chloride or sweat sodium ion assay whereas a proven method of sweat analysis is sweat conductivity. Cystic fibrosis is confirmed or excluded from the physician's clinical diagnosis using this simple and reliable indicator.
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