DNA RNA extractor ELITe STAR ELITech Group

DNA RNA extractor ELITe STAR ELITech Group

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Solid, fully automated, and secure, the ELITE STAR is a microtiter plate system suitable for convenient use on a laboratory workbench. The ELITE STAR instrument is designed to be used together with ELITE STAR 200 Extraction kit for extracting nucleic acid from different body fluids in molecular diagnostic laboratories. By loading the primary tubes and extraction reagents directly, the instrument was able to obtain as many as 12 samples. The ELITE STAR does a comprehensive sample preparation such as dispensing samples and reagents, incubation, magnetic separation, and elution. The ELITE STAR 200 Extraction Kit automatically purifies and extracts DNAs from human genome, mitochondria, bacteria, and viruses taken from several different sources such as the human blood, EDTA- or citrate-collected plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, and many other matrices.
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